Monday, 2 June 2014

Kayaking/Camping Trip

Yesterday I got back from a camping/kayaking trip to Texa. To start with we kitted up and packed our bags. I went with my Dad and two friends of ours who unfortunately could not stay the night. Before too long we set out.
> We kayaked there from my house to Texa , taking all equipment with us in the boats. When we got to Texa, we decided to paddle around the island. Along the way we saw many birds and forms of wild life as well as some beautiful scenery
After we saw the breath taking views, we decided it was time to set up camp. We said good bye to our friends and landed are boats. The first priority was to get the tent set up the tent, then to get a fire started and finally to cook some food.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog! Asher.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Kayaking Symposium (after)

On the 28th, 29th and 30th of March, the Islay canoe club went to the West Coast Paddlers kayaking symposium at Loch Winnoch to take part in activities. I did two activities, forward paddling strokes for sea kayakers and balance games leading to self-rescue. In the morning with I did forward strokes. I learnt techniques that I had not tried before. I learnt to relax my knees into the middle section of the cockpit, taking the paddle out of the water at my waist and to use a rudder to steer where possible. In the afternoon I braved the balance games and self-rescue and learned a very important lesson the hard way. At the beginning of an activity I lost balance, fell out of my boat and began drifting away from my boat. The lesson was no matter what, keep hold of the kayak. I also learnt that to help achieve a self-rescue you need to build balance. One way was to paddle around with a rubber duck on your head or you could try crawling up to the front of your boat and rubbing noses with your boat. During the symposium I tried out one of the clubs new Delphin kayaks. I like this boat because it test me, making me a better paddler. The kayak is easy to handle and steer and can catch up quickly to some faster boats. It is just wide enough to be able to feel stable whilst narrow enough to look and feel sleek. We were very lucky to get such useful boats to fit young paddlers. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog! Asher

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


On the last weekend of March, me and my dad are going to go on a kayaking symposium with the west coast paddlers. on the first day we do two half days activities, my ones are forward strokes for see paddlers to brush up on some skills, and my second one is balance games leading to self rescue. after the activities we get to go camping in our own tent! I'm going to bring some tinder, kindling and my fire steel so that we can have a fire that night! The next day we go on a guided tour of the surroundings before going back home on the ferry. A blog will defiantly follow the symposium! I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog! Asher.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Last week I got a package in the mail, it was from someone named Andrew Head who is a bush craft instructor. In the package, he sent me an extremely detailed letter, four detailed booklets of advice, tips and facts as well as a book called "the S.A.S survival hand book!" I shall be reading all of the above and post some key points from them on here, as well as writing a thank you letter to Andrew. I hopefully be going on my first trip in March! I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog! Asher

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Last week when in the pool, I managed to do not one, not two, not three but four Eskimo rolls in a row for the first time ever!!! I know it's a bit late since my due date, but better late than never eh! M y instructor named Dave told me I had a few more crucial points to work on, but their out the way I can practice some more in the sea! more exciting news should be coming soon, so look out for it! I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog!


Last week I researched some edible plants that can be found in most areas, here is a list of where to find them and name (sorry about no picture type into Google imags.) 1. Number one is called Amaranth, this edible weeds is fully edible but watch out for spines on the leaves. Whilst being edible the plant contains oxalic acid, it is recommended that you boil the leaves before you eat them, after boiling DO NOT drink the water. This plant is native to the Americas but is found in most Continents. 2.Number two is wild asparagus, wild asparagus has a much thinner stalk the store bought stuff.When eating asparagus cook it like you would at home. It grows in the wild in most countries. 3.Number three is none other than that pesky weed, dandelions! The whole plant is edible, leves, flower roots and all, eat the leaves when their young, like most plants their leaves taste less bitter young, use the flower as a garnish for your dandelion leaf salad and boil the roots in water then drink the water as some dandelion tea! Found in grassy areas, parks gardens and more! Thank you for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Moving On

It seems like forever since I last wrote! Sorry about that, but now I have a new Endeavour! I've chosen bushcraft which strangly can relate to Kayaking! I am going to go on a trip to a place called Prhoig point which has a bothie on it. Me and my dad are going to go and stay in the bothie because it will help me to train myself in the arts of bushcraft. I am also going to go on a special kayaking trip on the last weekend of March! It's a bring your own tent trip so me and my dad are going to bring and test out our new Vango Banshee that weighs only 2.5 KG! When it's closer to the time I'll fill you in on it! I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog!