Thursday, 29 November 2012

Here are some helpful facts about preparing a route for a kayaking trip:

  • Use an ordinance survey map instead of a sea chart. This is because we kayak close to shore, so we use a lot of land based references to navigate by. 
  • Do not be afraid to add information to your map. Adding more information, such as reefs, rocks only visible at low tide and tide times, makes a land map even more useful for kayaking.
  • Laminate the map to make it water proof. This will stop it from getting ruined by the sea and rain when on the deck of the kayak.
  • Highlight land marks such as light houses and mountains. This will make them easier to spot when out on the water. 
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Here are some of measurement in my trip, these figures come from a website called :
  • The Paps of Jura are 5.52 KM from the sea.
  • The route we are taking will be about 16 KM.
  • The distance across the Sound of Jura at the shortest point is 1.08 KM
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