Thursday, 24 January 2013


A lot of people get a kayak and canoe mixed up. So just in case your wondering what the difference is I am going to tell you. A canoe is made to so that you have to either kneel in the boat or sit in it. The paddle is also different to a kayak, it is a single bladed paddle. A kayak on the other hand has a double bladed paddle. The position you sit in a kayak is also different to the way you sit in a canoe, instead of kneeling or sitting with nothing over your legs you sit with your legs in front of you with a funny thing on top of the kayak called a spray deck that pretty much stops the water getting in to the boat. Did you know that it doesn't matter if you spell the word kayak backwards or forwards, it is still spelt the same! That is called a palindrome!


  1. I think palindromes are lots of fun! Do you remember when we used to circle all of the palindromes on the number line in our kindergarten class??

  2. I do and I still like them now!