Thursday, 16 May 2013

Meeting Harold Hastie

My name is Asher, this blog is about a kayaking expedition from Islay to Jura that is for my Endeavour topic at school. This particular blog is about the day I went to see Mr Harold Hastie the coast guard. It was Sunday the 28th of April when I went to see him along with my Dad. When we arrived, we all sat down and talked together about my trip. Mr Harold Hastie said that it was a very ambitious task but with a lot of effort it could be managed. He also gave me some very good advice, he said that on VHF radio channel sixteen is the distress channel, his best tip was to not go on the trip if the weather was not good. He even told us what type of flare we should bring, he said we should bring red distress flares for in the afternoon and night, and orang smoke flares for the day because you can see smoke better than you can red when its day time. I hope you have enjoyd reading my blog!


  1. It's really interesting to learn about the visibility of different flares at different times of day and night.

  2. So glad you found it interesting!