Monday, 2 June 2014

Kayaking/Camping Trip

Yesterday I got back from a camping/kayaking trip to Texa. To start with we kitted up and packed our bags. I went with my Dad and two friends of ours who unfortunately could not stay the night. Before too long we set out.
> We kayaked there from my house to Texa , taking all equipment with us in the boats. When we got to Texa, we decided to paddle around the island. Along the way we saw many birds and forms of wild life as well as some beautiful scenery
After we saw the breath taking views, we decided it was time to set up camp. We said good bye to our friends and landed are boats. The first priority was to get the tent set up the tent, then to get a fire started and finally to cook some food.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog! Asher.

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